Do Corporations Run America?

In the middle of Obama’s second term, there was a landmark ruling by the Supreme Court called “Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission”, commonly referred to as “Citizens United”, where the court ruled that certain restrictions on broadcasts close to an election violated free speech. Citizens United was a conservative group that had made a documentary about Hillary Clinton, “Hillary: The Movie” and was trying to release it before the 2008 Democratic Primary. The ruling was widely portrayed in the media as allowing rich, greedy corporations to then take over the government with unlimited campaign spending.

The irony about the ruling is that the case focused on a conservative group with no large corporate backing, fighting Hillary Clinton Inc. The FEC had declared Citizens United a corporate entity whose product were considered campaign contributions, while finding rich left wing activist groups, such as Micheal Moore and his producers, as groups who’s products are considered free speech.

As much hyperbolic bitching that occurs on the left about Super PACs and the Citizens United case, their own Super PACs spent more in the 2016 election. So why would they be against them at all? Because Hollywood, two television news networks and all low-T late night talk show hosts serve as a natural messaging network to get their propaganda out and all of those groups are considered protected. The right has FOX News, the internet and whatever spending the candidate can raise. The left has a monopoly that is threatened by right wing activist groups buying ads and as any member of ANTIFA will tell you, the goal here is “silence”.

Direct Contributions

Lets look at direct contributions by candidate. Here’s a list of Clintons corporate donors with their contributions.

1. Alphabet (Google) – $1.6 million
2. Microsoft – $900k
3. Apple $600k
4. JP Morgan and Chase – $550k
5. Bank of America – $550
6. Comcast – $522k
7. Wells Fargo – $480k
8. Facebook – $480k
9. Morgan Stanley – $470k

Now lets list all of the corporate donations to the Trump campaign.

1. Murray Energy – $100k
2. Bank of America – $75k
3. Wells Fargo – $70k
4. American Airlines – $66k
5. Berkshire Hathaway – $50k
6. State Farm Insurance – $47k
7. Morgan Stanley – $46k
8. Lockheed Martin – $46k
9. Realogy Corp – $2k
10. United Continental Holdings – $41k
11. Jennmar Corp – $40k

Total Cost to Corporate America: $6,733,000
Totals by candidate: Clinton $6.1 million (90%), Trump $583k (10%)

So two things are clear if you look at the facts

  1. Corporations largely exert influence on our government through the Democratic Party, not the Republican Party.
  2.  While they are spending increasingly massive amounts money on the DNC campaigns, the results are becoming increasingly less effective.
Total outside expenditure spending

Lastly, the idea that Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are supporting Clinton because they love her vision is patently absurd. This is a protection racket where she gets up on the podium and threatens to make them pay “their fair share” and they show up with buckets of cash to make sure the EPA doesn’t show up on their doorstep the day she takes office. Republicans get less because their platform is low taxes and deregulation.  Not much of a threat there.

If one thing great came out of this past election, it showed that corporations can’t always buy political power. Clinton should have won by a landslide based solely on spending. She did, clearly, wind up brainwashing half the country into believing they were fighting Nazis but… whaddayagunnado. A lot of people got in on the Macarena craze as well.

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