More evidence liberalism is a mental disorder and a troubling reversal of the evidence

In this New York Post article the American Journal of Political Science says that not only does psychoticism track to the left, but that they somehow reported exactly the opposite in a 2012 study.  This isn’t explained, but let’s point out that this is the same as coming away from a diet study and reporting donuts where better than lettuce for the human body. That’s a pretty bad mistake. What gives?

I always favor incompetence over conspiracy, but we have to make exceptions when something appears to be a deliberate fabrication. What does this say about this Journal and the intent of those making the mistake? Are these institutions as susceptible to infiltration of left wing activism as Google and the rest of Silicon Valley has proven to be?

As I noted in a previous post, the left as a group appears to be taking on the characteristics of a sociopath. What’s the cause of this? Are the leaders of the left sociopathic? Are they exerting influence through social media? Do we even understand who the leaders and what their intent is when we’re a decentralized knowledge propagation system?

Lastly, as the consensus builds that a third of the country does indeed appear to be exhibiting some mass personality disorder that manifests itself in politics, what do we do with that? That’s actually terrifying. They say the future is female, but the reality is the future may be a sociopathic government who uses females and minorities as power to inflict atrocity on it’s population.

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