My new website saves lives and is the future of the internet

Hey guys, welcome to the new site. I decided to take a moment to blog about my blog and, if I have time, I will add a blog about how this blog post came about and my blog blogged my bloggy blog blog. While Facebook and Google use high powered server farms running in state of the art facilities, I decided to go with a $35 circuit board the size of a credit card sitting in a vacant corner of my home office.

To make this technological endeavor even more fantastical/contrived I chose to power the whole website using pure energy streaming from outer fucking space. That’s right, this web site is completely solar powered.

Whut? No way! How do I join the future?

It’s not all great lads. If more than 5 people get on this site my battery could detonate and spew acid all over me and my family leaving us screeching bloody hunks of flesh. Luckily, I doubt I’ll have much problems because no one will ever read this shit. In a nutshell here’s the basic components.

Basic Solar Setup

  1. 50-100 watt solar panel (~$100)
  2. Charge controller (~$30)
  3. 35 amp hour solar battery ($60)
  4. 14 gauge outside electrical wire (~$50/100ft you have to measure this one and cost depends on length)
  5. 12v outlet w/ at least 1, 2 amp USB port (~$12 from Wal-Mart online)

Hardware and Software

  1. Raspberry Pi 3($35)
  2. USB mini cable ($6)
  3. MicroSD card (~$20)
  4. Internets

Here, someone boring will ask a boring question: Why spend $313 on this system when you could buy a laptop and run on mains electricity and host more than 5 people. That’s… a really good question…. moving on…

So there’s three bits of knowledge I’ll reference in case someone finds this and kills themselves trying to replicate it:

Wiring a basic solar setup (you can skip the inverter if all you’re powering is the Pi)

Setting up a WordPress blog on the Raspberry Pi

Setting up the Raspberry Pi with a static IP so you can host on it

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