Is left wing politics a vessel for sociopaths to inflict anti-social behavior on society?

I’m doing research on Sociopaths as I fear I may have one in my family. I came across the list of signs that you are dealing with a sociopath and my family member fits it pretty well. But wait… something about it sounded even more familiar. Is left wing politics a vessel for sociopaths to inflict anti-social behavior on society? Here’s my case, you be the judge:

Disregard for society’s laws

Immigration and drug laws are a good example. The left doesn’t want to change the laws here, they want us to simply not enforce them. The idea being that law is malleable and that we shouldn’t have to cooperate to change it.

Violation of the physical or emotional rights of others

The recent case over the Christian baker being forced to bake a cake comes to mind. If anyone disagrees with them, forget reaching out to them. They instead use shame and emotional manipulation (calling people racists or some other form of bigotry is commonplace even when there’s no evidence supporting it).

Lack of stability in job and home life

Anywhere Democrats rule is a total shithole. They often turn on their own public employees and create havoc in their own cities.

Irritability and aggressiveness

Is there any active movement more violent than the left right now?

Lack of remorse

They preach a lack of remorse. People who believe differently than them should be attacked. Demonization is rampant. Republicans are literally having to beef up security in fear of attacks.

Consistent irresponsibility

Lots of promises and no deliveries. Californias budget only a few years ago, was so bad the state was issuing IOUs to its debtors. Illinois isn’t much better. Detroit bankruptcy. Probably the easist one to prove here.

Recklessness, impulsivity

Ever see a late night talk show after a shooting? It’s a total shit show. “I hate Trump so bad right now I think we should hand over all the guns in the country to him and not doing so immediately is pure evil.”


CNN and basically any left wing “news” outlet. Sure they fire people when they get busted REAL bad, but the lies are constant and 24/7.

A childhood diagnosis (or symptoms consistent with) conduct disorder

Early on Saul Alinksi was teaching activists that just being a total asshole often gets results. As this psychotic movement moves on, it seems to have matured into a full blown psycopath.

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